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Understanding Roles and Notifications

This article defines the roles that can be assigned to users within the DriverReach system and how they impact permissions and notifications. Role assignments include Admin, Manager, Recruiter, Processor, DQ File Compliance, and Counter Signer. A user’s role assignment essentially determines which pieces of information are accessible, and it’s important to remember that the more roles assigned to a user, the more access to information he or she has. A user’s roles and assignments also impact the way that notifications work.

If you are ready to assign roles to a new user, please visit our Adding a User article for step by step instructions. For definitions of each role and information about how notifications work within the DriverReach system, read on. 

DriverReach Roles

Only those with an Admin role assignment have the ability to assign roles to users. A user’s role assignment determines how much access to information as well as reporting capabilities that user has. Users may have one or more roles assigned to them within the DriverReach system. Available roles are listed below. The role with the greatest access, Admin, is at the top of the list, and the scope of access lessens as the list moves down toward Counter Signer.

Roles_Screenshot_Add user


The DriverReach system employs an intuitive algorithm to help ensure that notifications are sent to the appropriate users as applicants move through the recruitment process. It follows this logical path of execution:

  • If a user is assigned to an applicant, that user will receive almost all of the notifications relating to that applicant’s progress through the recruitment process.
  • If no user is assigned to an applicant, all of the users who are associated with the applicant’s location will receive the notifications.
  • If there are no users associated with that applicant’s location, notifications are sent to any users with a “Manager” role. 
  • If there are no users with a “Manager” role, notifications are sent to any users with an “Admin” role. 

Tip: Setting Up Expiration Notifications for CDL/Physical

If you want to receive email notifications when a driver's CDL or physical is about to expire, make sure you have the "DQ File Compliance" role assigned to your user account. This role enables you to stay informed about important expirations and ensures you don't miss any critical updates regarding driver qualifications. 

Notable exceptions to the algorithm described above include the following scenarios:

  • If a user who does not fall within the parameters of the algorithm described above sends a text message or email to an applicant, that user will be first on the notification list for any replies that applicant sends.
  • If a user who does not fall within the parameters of the algorithm described above orders a background check for an applicant, that user will receive all notifications relating to the progress of the background check.
  • If specific users are chosen as cosigners or company representatives when an eDoc is sent to an applicant, notifications are sent to those users when the eDoc is ready for countersignatures.