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Streamlining the VOE+ Process

DriverReach's VOE+ is an invaluable tool, both for DriverReach's ATS customers as well as for those using a different ATS. Our innovative VOE+ solution quickly and substantially improves the employment verification process, and this article will help you make sure you're leveraging its many benefits as effectively as possible!

Taking Full Advantage of VOE Plus

Whether your organization uses DriverReach's ATS or uses a different ATS (such as Tenstreet), this article outlines three easy tips that can be implemented quickly to help ensure your organization is reaping all the benefits of DriverReach's VOE+ solution. These tips include notifying Tenstreet XChange or other ATS providers that your company is using VOE+ for responsesinputting employment records at the time of termination, and using DriverReach's convenient templates to point carriers to VOE+. By following this straightforward advice, your team can move beyond the administrative work of answering employment verification requests while simultaneously adding VOE+ revenue to your business. Let's get started!

First, Notify ATS Providers

Notify major ATS provider that you are using DriverReach's VOE+ solution. To make sure that all carriers are routed to VOE+ when requesting an employment verification from your company, use the email template below to draft an email to your ATS support team. In the example below, we will use Tenstreet, but you can use this template as a basis for writing to a different ATS by simply switching out the email address: 

To: support@tenstreet.com

Subject: Request to Update VOE Directory for {COMPANY_NAME}

Please update {COMPANY_NAME} in your VOE Directory to reflect that we use VOE.Plus for our verifications of employment moving forward.

Thank you,


Second, Input Employment Records During Termination

Next, it's important to input employment records at the time of termination. Termination works differently for DriverReach ATS customers versus those who use another ATS. For detailed instructions about this step, check out our Adding a Termination Record article. We also provide more useful termination record tips in our QuickStart Video Guide entitled Setting Your Company Up for VOE+ Success.

Third, Point All Carriers to VOE+

The last important step in improving your employment verification process is to point carriers to VOE+ at http://voe.plus using DriverReach’s convenient VOE+ templates--here's how to find them!

Step 1

From any page within the DriverReach system, select "VOE+" from the main blue navigation menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2 

Within the drop-down menu that appears, select "Templates". 

Step 3

On the "Direct requesting companies to VOE Plus" landing page, you will find several options for templates you may choose from to inform carriers that you use VOE+. These include a fax instruction sheet, instructions that may be emailed back to the requester, and a web notification that includes a link to VOE+ that you may post on your company website.

Step 4

Clicking on any one of the orange buttons next to the appropriate option will provide you with a template you may either use as-is or as a jumping off point to create something to suit your specific needs. These templates are here as resources you can use to help spread the word about VOE+ to those requesting employment verifications from your organization. 

Step 5

Finally, go beyond templates and use the following tips to inform an even wider audience about your participation in VOE+:

  • Mention that you use VOE+ and provide the website address on your automated telephone information system/answering service
  • Share VOE+ information during hold announcements recorded for telephone callers waiting on the line
  • Use your company's social media sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to get the word out by posting VOE+ information in a prominent location and including the VOE+ web link (http://voe.plus)
  • Designate an individual to be responsible for entering termination records on behalf of your company so that you can make sure terminations are entered consistently and with complete, accurate information. Often, trucking companies will choose someone from HR or the safety department to take on this responsibility. 
  • Notify those who answer incoming calls for your organization that they should educate callers requesting employment verifications to visit the VOE+ site on the web and submit all employment verification requests there instead
  • Check out our Setting Your Company Up for VOE+ Success QuickStart Video Guide for more tips and information!