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Updating expiration dates in DriverReach

Successfully update a driver's information, including their license expiration date and other relevant documents, in the DriverReach platform.

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1. Start by navigating to the driver you want to update. You can do this by either searching for the driver's name or accessing the driver from your "Applicants & Personnel" saved view.

Navigate to the driver you are wanting to update by either searching by name or from your Applicants & Personnel saved view

Tip: To ensure better visibility and ease of use, we recommend adding expiration dates as a column view in your appropriate saved views.

We recommend having expiration dates as a column view in your appropriate saved views for visibility ease of use in Saved Views

2. Once you have found the desired driver, click on their name or profile to enter their profile page.

Click to enter the Driver's Profile
3. Within the driver's profile, locate the "Edit" button and click on it.
Click on Edit
4. Look for the "License expiration" section and click on it.
Click on * License expiration
5. If you need to update the expiration date for a physical document, such as a medical exam or a certification, first find the relevant document in the driver's DQ (Driver Qualification) File. Then, click on the "Edit" option associated with that document to adjust the expiration date.
For physical, find the physical in the DQ File and click edit to adjust the expiration date
6. Make the necessary changes to the expiration date and save the updates.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough: