September 2023 Product Release Notes

This September brought a ton of new and improved functionality to your DriverReach platform.

Improved Email Contacts

We've updated how verification request emails are sent to your previous employers or driving schools. Previously, the email contact belonged to DriverReach, causing any queries to come to us. Now, you can easily reply directly to the company that requested the verification, streamlining communication.

Work History Choices 

We understand that different applications may require different levels of work history. Previously, this option was available only for DOT applications. Now, for both DOT and non-DOT applications, you can choose how many years of work history you want to provide, giving you more control over your application.

Easier Data Import

Transferring your records into our system has become smoother. Using our CSV importer, you can now import various records, including lead, applicant, and personnel records. This saves you time and effort in manually entering data.

Corrected Record Requests

Mistakes can happen, especially with employment dates. If there's a discrepancy in the dates provided, you can now quickly correct it. Once updated, the requesting company will be promptly informed via email, ensuring accurate information.


Improved App Pages 

Our error pages got a facelift! The new pages are designed to be user-friendly, providing you with a better experience and more straightforward guidance when needed. If you see this page, know that we are working hard to get things back up and running better than ever. 

Simplified Text Messaging 

Managing your communication preferences is now more straightforward.  Drivers can now unsubscribe or resubscribe to text messages using keywords like STOP, START, YES, and more, no matter what 

Enhanced Search Results

Finding and managing your employment records is now more efficient. You'll see the number of records you've created when searching for your applicant employment records. This helps you easily identify if you need to add a new employment record.

Expanded Background Check Support

We're continuously working to provide you with a comprehensive background check experience. Our system now supports a wider range of background checks, such as drug screens and DOT physicals. If additional information is needed for an order, we'll promptly inform you and provide a direct link for your convenience.

Our updates aim to improve your experience, streamline processes, and provide clarity and control throughout your interaction with our platform. Thanks for being part of the DriverReach community!