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Respond to a Missing Record Request

How to answer a missing record request in VOE+

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1. Click on VOE+ in the main menu
Click on VOE+ in the main menu
2. Click on Applicant history
Click on Applicant history…
3. View your request in the following window. 
You can see your requests here
4. Click directly on the driver's name in Record Requests
Click on the driver name
5. Click on Add employment record on the right, under Actions
Click on Add employment record
6. Choose the appropriate options for the required fields
choose appropriate options for required fields
7. Input the start date for the driver
Type start date
8. Choose the end date of employment for the driver
Choose end date
9. Select the appropriate rehire eligibility option for the driver (Eligible, not eligible, or eligible for rehire upon review) 
Select "Eligible for rehire" option that fits for that driver
10. Make sure to note if the driver applicant drove a commercial motor vehicle
Did the driver drive a commercial motor vehicle?
11. Select the type of vehicle the driver operated, if appropriate
Click on Dry Van or the appropriate type of vehicle operated
12. Select the correct type of driver
Click on Local or type of driver that fits
13. Select termination circumstance (optional)
Click on Please select...
14. Select the appropriate performance review under the next drop down
Click on Satisfactory or appropriate performance (optional)
15. Enter your full name, title, and phone number in the following three fields. 
Enter your full name
Type your appropriate title
Type your phone number
16. Make sure to check the box to confirm you have read and accepted the obligations given under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
Check * I have read and accept these obligations given under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
17. Save the file. Done! 

Click on Save

Learn more by watching the video below: