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Properly Redirect Employment Verification Requests to VOE+

How to update your website and/or the Tenstreet Directory to point traffic to VOE+

Download VOE+ Website Link Instructions (.pdf)

Redirects on your company website

Redirecting to VOE+ on your website is the easiest way to point VOE requestors to the database. We'll use Store and Haul as a perfect example of a VOE+ re-direct: 

2. Click on VOE - As you can see here, they have VOE prominent on their website menu, so any carrier going to their website looking to get employment verification can do so easily!

3. Follow this link to VOE+: By clicking on this link, the requesting carrier will be directed straight to VOE+. There, they can easily obtain the specific record they are looking for, saving them the hassle of making phone calls, sending faxes or emails, or going on a wild goose chase just to obtain a VOE from Store and Haul!


Step 2 - Update the Tenstreet Xchange VOE Directory

It's beneficial to keep the Tenstreet Xchange VOE Directory up to date to ensure your preferred method of responding to employment verification (VOE) requests is reflected accurately. To do this, you have two simple options. You can either:

  • send an email to their support team, expressing your preference for using VOE+, or
  • you can click on the 'Edit my data' button in Xchange.
By taking these steps, you can easily update your information to indicate that you utilize VOE+ as your chosen method. To make it even more convenient, we've provided a template email below that you can simply copy and paste!

To: support@tenstreet.com

Subject: Request to Update VOE Directory for (YOUR COMPANY NAME)

Please update (YOUR COMPANY NAME) in your VOE Directory to reflect that we use VOE.Plus for our verifications of employment moving forward.

Thank you,

Learn step-by-step on how to redirect VOE requests to VOE+ by watching this video: