November 2023 Product Release Notes

We are excited to share some recent updates highlighting our ongoing commitment to enhancing your experience with the DriverReach platform. Here's a quick summary of the latest improvements:

Easier DQ Checklist Viewing

The DQ Checklist now offers a more user-friendly experience. We've converted the list of documents for each requirement into a table format, making it easier for you to view crucial details like document type and description. Additionally, the Report Date and Expiration Date columns will only appear for requirements that use those dates, streamlining your workflow.

Simpler Employment Record Management

 Managing employment records is now even more flexible. We've added new options for fields such as Eligible for Rehire, Reason for Leaving, Performance, and Type of Driver. These additional choices empower you to capture and organize information more accurately.

Applicant & Personnel Table Update 

 Changes you make to specific fields on the applicant profile page, including Address 1, Address 2, City, State, and Zip Code, will now instantly reflect on the A&P table. This ensures that you have real-time visibility, even before changes are accepted by the applicant.

Straightforward Selections for VOE+

Improving efficiency on our VOE+ dashboard, users requesting missing records will now select from a narrowed-down list of companies. This list exclusively includes companies designated as VOE Contributors, making your selection process more streamlined.


Webhooks update
We've introduced a new configuration option for the Webhooks feature—Send minimal application data. This option grants you more control over information distribution by sending only a subset of available application data.

Even Better DQ Checklist Requirement User Experience
Click your way to efficiency! Requirement names on the DQ Checklist Summary page are now clickable and will directly link to that requirement's tab, so you can seamlessly navigate through the checklist and get your work done more efficiently. 

Enhanced Tracking for DQ Checklists

The DQ Checklist will now capture specific user actions for three critical requirements—Pre Employment , MVR Inquiry, Annual MVR Inquiry, and Medical Examination. To complete these requirements, users need to click a checkbox; now, these checkboxes come with an Events table. This table will document user actions, including who checked or unchecked the associated checkbox, the action date, and the action type (Confirmed for checking, Unconfirmed for unchecking).

This update aims to provide you with a clearer understanding of user interactions within these requirements, ensuring better accountability and documentation.


These updates reflect our continuous efforts to provide you with a more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly platform. Thank you for choosing DriverReach, and stay tuned for more exciting enhancements in the future!