June 2023 Product Release Notes

Here's our roundup of the latest updates and improvements that have been made to the platform during June 2023.🎉

We are thrilled to share with you some exciting updates and improvements we’ve made to the DriverReach platform during June 2023. Our team has been actively listening to your feedback and working diligently to enhance various features to provide you with a superior experience. We are delighted to bring you the following highlights:

Updated language about age on Non-DOT apps

We have updated the language on our Non-DOT applications to reflect an age requirement of 16 instead of 18 years.

New template for termination records available
We’ve created a  new CSV template for termination records to help make it easy to get previous employment records into VOE+ and reduce the burden of manually responding to each and every VOE request. Reach out to our Product Support team at help@driverreach.com to get a copy of the new template!   

Update for WA MVR Release

For customers who use Driver iQ as a background check provider, we have added an additional regulatory document to the integration for non-CDL drivers in Washington state, ensuring that compliance “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed, and the integration remains simple and seamless.

Streamlined Employment History in UniversalApp

Adding employment history is always the most difficult and tedious part of a DOT application, and we’re always looking for ways to streamline and improve the user experience of our UniversalApp. Through feedback from customers and applicants, we discovered that we could make this much more straightforward by reducing the number of buttons applicants see when they’re adding or editing a previous employment record. Now, there are only two crystal clear options: save the one you’re working on or remove it and start a new one.

Update to missing record requests

Previously, company users could respond to current or missing record requests in VOE+ with a Verified message without having actually added an employment record to the database. We have improved this process, and now users will be prompted to add a record if one does not already exist. Once an employment record is added, the missing record request will automatically be marked as Verified, and a response will be sent notifying the requester that the record is now available to them.

Enhanced CRM Activity Report Speed

We have overhauled the technical architecture that powers the CRM Activity Report, which lists all of your company's communications (SMS, Email, Notes, etc.). You’ll find the update improves processing time for a smoother user experience. 

Repurchasing VOEs
Company users are now able to re-purchase VOE records. Some of our customers have company policies that require them to obtain a new VOE record for a repeat applicant if the VOE they have on file was collected more than 30 days ago. Previously, users would have to submit a Product Support request to re-purchase these kinds of records, but now the option to purchase again will automatically be available! 🙌

NOTE: This does not change the current purchase workflow but enables the purchase checkbox, pictured below.

California State Release
Our California State Release has been updated to include additional provider information. WorkforceQA and AccuSourceHR have been added to the list.

Improved communications table

The table that lists all communications with an applicant, found on the applicant's Communications page, has been enhanced. We now utilize our database directly to make the recall process much more efficient and faster! 

Improved VOE re-send workflow

We have streamlined the VOE re-send workflow. Now, users are only required to add comments to a request when it has been responded to by the previous employer or driving school. If a VOE request has not been responded to, users can send multiple request attempts without entering comments.

Applicant signature requests

Company users can now request a new signature from an applicant via the applicant profile page. Marking that a new signature is needed will activate the paper airplane icon, allowing you to request that the applicant sign a new copy of their application.


Default PSP direct background checks 

We have enabled PSP Direct background checks by default so that every customer has the option to take advantage of this time-saving integration.

We hope you find these updates beneficial to your operations. As always, we appreciate your continued support and feedback. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thanks for choosing DriverReach!