July 2023 Product Release Notes

Summer is in full swing, but that hasn’t kept us from making some great progress and features to the DriverReach Platform. Here's a summary of the exciting updates we made in July 2023:


Lead API FAQ Enhancement 

We've improved our Lead API FAQ to clarify how you can send custom applicant data as a collection of notes. This makes managing your applicants even more seamless and allows you to include any relevant information that doesn’t have its own field in the API.

California Compliance Updates 

To adhere better to compliance regulations, we've split the California release in the Legal Disclosures, Notices & Authorizations section of the UniversalApp into two separate documents: a disclosure and an authorization.

Note: This change only affects applicants with a CA address, license, previous employer, or those applying to a company with a CA location.


Enhanced Application Process 

Compliance regulations require the application to be completed and signed as a separate document from other legal agreements. Following guidance from a recent review of all our compliance-related features and functionality, we’ve made a few updates to keep your application process on the up-and-up. The signature box will now appear first, followed by the legal agreements. Additionally, a new legal document, the AGREEMENT TO CONDUCT TRANSACTION ELECTRONICALLY, has been added at the beginning of the legal agreements section. 

HireRight Ordering Process Improvement

To meet legal requirements, users will now see a mandatory checkbox when selecting a HireRight package. They must click this checkbox to confirm they have read and complied with the linked requirements before proceeding with their order.

Updated Fair Credit Reporting Act Notice 

We've updated the Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act notice to the latest version. You'll find this notice in Pre-Adverse Action letters, during the Legal Disclosures, Notices & Authorizations step of the application process, and under the Acknowledgement of Obligations Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act section when placing VOE orders.

Efficiency Improvements 

We've upgraded the search engine that powers data tables and reports related Documents, Tasks, and Communications to speed up load and search times (and save you time in the process 😉)

We hope these updates enhance your experience with DriverReach. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to bringing you more exciting features in the future! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.