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Initiate Adverse Action Process

When a criminal, employment verification (VOE), and background report comes back that disqualifies a driver, carriers need to send an adverse action notification to the candidate to notify them why they were disqualified.

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1. To send a Pre-Adverse Action, go to the profile of the driver who has been disqualified by a background report or verification according to your company's policy.

Navigate to the Driver's profile that you are needing to send Pre-Adverse Action from, when a background report or verification that DQs a driver (per your company's policy) returns

2. Click on Initiate Pre-Adverse Action

Click on Initiate Pre-Adverse Action

3. Select the checkbox that corresponds to the document containing the appropriate DQ criteria.

Check the box of the appropriate document that the DQ criteria is from

4. To preview the Pre-Adverse Letter, simply click the preview button

If you wish to preview the Pre-Adverse Letter, click here

5. When you're ready, click Send Pre-Adverse Letter

Send when ready

6. Please note that once the Pre-Adverse letter is sent, the Adverse Action letter will be sent out after 10 days. However, you have the option to modify the timing settings in DriverReach if you prefer a different timeline.

As you can see here, the Adverse Action letter will follow 10 days after the Pre-Adverse is sent.  This can be changed if you would like to adjust timing in the settings of DriverReach if you so choose
 Watch the video for a full walkthrough: