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🦸⚡Idelic + DriverReach = Your Ultimate Recruiting & Safety Superpower!

The DriverReach Product Empowerment Series, exclusively for customers, brings users together for an educational session, where experts help you to take full advantage of the features you already have – as well as those you haven’t yet begun to use.

In this month’s installment featuring Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Idelic, and Wendy Bartz, VP of Customer Experience at DriverReach, get a behind-the-scenes look into the improved integration, including how the companies are: 

  • 🚚 Advancing the trucking industry through innovative safety solutions
  • 💨 Improving the speed of onboarding and driver management from the time the driver is hired
  • 💰 Adding tremendous value to joint DriverReach and Idelic customers