How to Notify the Clearinghouse Team to Begin the Clearinghouse Query Process


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1. Locate the Applicant

You can use the Applicants & Personnel Saved Views or the magnifying glass to complete a search.

2. Select the Applicant

Identify the applicant's name and click on it to initiate the Clearinghouse process.

3. Click on Task

Once you are in the applicant's profile, click on Task.

4. Create a Task

Under the Task tab, in the instructions area, type "Ready for Clearinghouse" to indicate that you are ready for the driver to be sent the Clearinghouse Query Request.

5. Assign the Task to Clearinghouse Request

6. List Clearinghouse Request as the Watcher

You may also list other Watchers if you'd like.

7. Update the Due Date

You can leave the Due Date as today's date or enter a future date.

8. Update the Due Time

Our Team begins the Clearinghouse Process when we receive the task notification. The Due Date and Due Time do not determine when the process begins. When we receive the notification for the Task you create, we begin working on it.


9. Click Save task

Once you click Save task, the task is sent to the Clearinghouse Team.


If you encounter any issues or have questions, email the team at

Note:  All of our communication regarding applicants will come from within the platform as a NOTE or a TASK assigned to you or your point of contact. This ensures that all communications are retained in each applicant's file. A NOTE sends an email alert once, while TASKS send daily reminders. This process ensures our teams work efficiently together and do not miss any details.