How to merge applicants in your DriverReach profile

Easily combine duplicate records into a single reference using the bulk action feature.

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1. Click on Applicants & Personnel

Click on Applicants & Personnel

2. Click on Search view to cleanly search for the driver you are wanting to merge

If you do not have a "Search" view, make sure you take off all filters from whatever view you have selected.

Click on Search


3. Click on Name

Clicking on the "Name" column, you can sort drivers alphabetically. This will allow you to view drivers with the same name for easy merging.

⭐PRO TIP: You can sort most columns in ascending or descending order (E.g., SS#, Email, Name, etc...).

 Click on Name

4. Click on Check Box next to the first driver applicant's name

 Click on Check Box next to first driver's name

5. Click on Check Box next to the second application you want to merge with the first

Click on Check Box next to second driver's name

6. Click on Bulk Actions

Click on Bulk Actions

7. Click on Combine Applications

Click on Combine Applications

8. Click on the Driver's Profile you want to keep

  • The platform will automatically select the best option for you when applicable

  • Users will not be able to merge DOT Applications and Non-DOT Applications

Click on the Driver's Profile you want to keep

9. Click on Combine

Click on Combine

10. Applications were successfully combined! 🎉

Applications were successfully combined!


See the video below to learn more!