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How to create a saved view (by lead source)

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Saved Views is a feature in the DriverReach platform that allows you to save filters and column configurations to quickly access and view the information you need.

With Saved Views, you can customize the list of drivers based on various criteria and then save that view for future use. This means you can create a filter to show only drivers that meet specific requirements, such as location, qualifications, or experience, and then save that view for easy access later.

Additionally, Saved Views allows you to customize the columns displayed on the driver list. You can add or remove columns based on what information is most relevant to your needs. Once you have the columns you want displayed, you can save that view for future use.

Overall, Saved Views in the DriverReach platform can help you streamline your workflow and save time by providing quick access to the specific driver information you need.

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1. Click on Paper Stack Icon

2. Click on "Add a View"

3. Create a Name for the Saved View

4. Click on "Save changes"

5. Click on Filter Icon (Funnel)

6. Click on "Add a Filter"

7. Choose Applicable Filters

8. On "Current Stage" Filter, Add Active Prospect - All (to see all current active prospects)

9. Select "Add a Filter" to Add Another Filter

10. Click on "Lead Source" Filter

11. Click On Which Lead Source You'd Like to Include In Your Data

12. Click on "HIDE"

13. Click on "Column" Icon

14. Click to Remove or Add Which Columns You'd Like In Your Saved View/Report

15. Click on "SAVE VIEW"

16. Collapse View Editing Fields To Ease Your Report View

17. Now you have a Saved View Specific to Lead Source!

Learn more about saved views specific to a lead source in the video below!