February 2024 Product Release Notes

We've been busy throughout February, making many behind-the-scenes tech upgrades to improve the speed and reliability of our platform. We've also rolled out some great new features that we think you'll find really useful. Read more below!

Reporting updates

Recruiting Manager Report Enhancements:
We're committed to providing accurate and useful reports, and functionality that makes reporting better for you and your teams! To that end, we've significantly reduced duplicates in the Recruiting Manager Report. Stay tuned for additional enhancements aimed at further improving its quality.

Persistent Filters and Sorting: To make report navigation more intuitive, we've ensured that your filter and sorting preferences will remain as you browse through the pages of a report—no more date resettings as you explore the report!  These settings will now reset only when you exit the report, making your reporting tasks more efficient.

Importing Updates

Broader Import Capabilities: Our CSV importer now supports applications in the "No Current Interest" and "Disqualified" stages. However, please note that we're still working on supporting stage reasons for these categories. We appreciate your patience and are excited to roll out this functionality soon.

TIP: If your team has spreadsheets of applicant or lead data, reach out to our product support team (help@Driverreach.com) so we can help you get that information into the platform for you!


Unified Naming for Clarity: In our effort to maintain consistency across our platform, we've updated the term "DOT Physical" to "Med Card." This change is reflected in all areas of the app, including SMS and email notifications, the A&P table, manual entry fields, and relevant reports. This alignment ensures clarity and prevents any confusion regarding expiration dates and documentation.

We hope these updates help make your experience with DriverReach even better! Check back next month for even more improvements to the platform.