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DriverReach Product Empowerment Series: 😣Driver Verifications? VOE+ Makes Them a Breeze!

The DriverReach Product Empowerment Series, exclusively for customers, brings users together for an educational session, where experts help you to take full advantage of the features you already have – as well as those you haven’t yet begun to use.

I’m sure we can all agree that perhaps the most cumbersome (and frustrating) part of hiring a driver is completing the verification of previous employment. In this installment, we’ll cover everything you need to know about VOE+, DriverReach’s verification of employment solution. With VOE+ you can completely eliminate the administrative burden. Not only is VOE+ free, but you can also generate revenue by improving every stakeholder’s overall experience with the previous employment verification process. 

Join Mea Carter, Director of Customer Success, and Clint Hanner, Onboarding Specialist, as they share the 3 simple steps for VOE+:

  1. ✅ Enter Termination Records
  2. ↩️ Redirect Requests
  3. 💰 Get Paid!