DriverReach Product Empowerment Series: Back to Basics

The DriverReach Product Empowerment Series brings users together for an educational session, where experts help you to take full advantage of the features you already have – as well as those you haven’t yet begun to use.

“How do I do that thing again?” “Where can I find…”  “There’s got to be a way to..”

If you’re muttering these phrases out loud while using DriverReach, it might be time for a tuneup. During this Back to Basics session, we covered some high-level fundamentals of the platform and answered attendee questions in real-time so that you can gain confidence, learn new skills, or improve your processes. 

In this installment, you will hear from Angie Osterhoundt, Onboarding Specialist, and Trip Lane, Head of Onboarding,  as they break down the basics of: 

  • Standard platform set up— like templates, views, stages and more
  • Navigation, notifications, and tips to make your work faster 
  • Best practices for using DriverReach for day-to-day recruiting tasks
  • Where to look in the Resource Center for all your troubleshooting needs