December 2023 Product Release Notes

Here’s the final round of updates for 2023! Keep checking back for future updates and improvements to the platform in the New Year.

Streamlined Driver History Record Workflow

We've made a great improvement to how accidents are added to driver history records. Gone is the confusing initial question about accidents. Now, there's a simple "Add Accidents" button, complete with clear guidelines on what types of accidents need logging, including helpful links to regulations. This update offers more flexibility, allowing users to log all accidents or focus solely on DOT-recordable ones.

Enhanced User Tracking for DQ Checklist

We've added extra tracking to three DQ Checklist requirements - Safety Records Correction, LCV Certificate, and Skill Performance Certificate. Users can now override these requirements, with all actions logged in the new Events table. This table tracks who made changes, when, and what type of action (Deactivated/Reactivated). This helps keep everything transparent and easy to monitor!

Renamed 'DOT Physical' Document Type 

We've listened to your feedback! The 'DOT Physical document type in our DQ Checklist has been renamed to 'Med Card'. This change better reflects the contents of the document, ensuring clarity and accuracy in your documentation process.


Linked Requirements for DQ Checklist

To improve the completeness and accuracy of the DQ Checklist, we've linked requirements between Medical Examination and Certified Medical Examiner. This ensures that the number of documents uploaded for one requirement matches the other. For instance, if there are two Med Cards, there must be two National Registry Verifications. A new error message will guide you to upload any missing documents, making compliance easier and more straightforward.


We're constantly working to enhance your experience with our products. These updates are designed to make your interactions more efficient, intuitive, and secure. As always, we're here to help and look forward to your feedback! 🚀🌟