April 2024 Product Release Notes

Spring is here and the product updates are in bloom 🌸 ! Here’s what we’ve added and improved in the DriverReach platform this month.

Simplifying Application Tracking:

  • Less Required Fields: You can now log calls on applicant profiles without needing to fill out the "Describe Activity" field if the information isn't relevant. Focus on capturing important details instead of filling out unnecessary fields.

  • Application Conversion Tracking: We're now keeping track of how applications move between lead, partial, and full application stages. This will allow you to run reports to see how many applicants progress through your recruitment funnel at each stage. 

These conversions statistics will be visible in a new "Recruiting Behaviors Report," which will be available to customers soon! 

Improved Communication with Applicants:

  • Clearer Application Reminders: Applicants who start an application and then log out will now receive a consistent "Resume your application with UniversalApp" email from a clear no-reply@driverreach.com address. This eliminates confusion caused by previous emails appearing to come from your company admins.

Behind the Scenes Updates:

  • Standardized Terminology:  We've updated terminology throughout the app to reflect industry standards. DOT Physical references have all been changed to "Med Card" so everything is clear and easy to understand.
  • Stronger Passwords:  To enhance security, we've updated password requirements to meet NIST guidelines. New passwords will require a minimum of 12 characters but won't require special characters, allowing for more user-friendly and secure password creation (but if you choose to have a special character as part of your password, it’s still supported!

Note: You'll no longer be prompted to update your password periodically, unless there is evidence that a security breach has occurred. 

These updates are all based on your valuable feedback and designed to make managing applicants and communication with potential drivers a smoother experience!